Arthur PINTO


Since the common called Dark Age (approximately from 470 to 1470, a thousand
years), named by the control that the Catholic Church had about the Civil, Criminal and
other sections of the Law and the cultural elaboration at the time, besides the monastic
writing exemplified by Saints Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, religious leaders have
been exercising influence on the society for centuries, and the dogmatic values of the
Bible and the doctrine generated prejudice on both meanings: the pre-conception of
something or someone and the losses on the historic process in general. After a closer
look on several areas of the humanities sciences, anyone can see how much this had
impact on the human rights instituted on the French Revolution of 1789, necessary
after so many violations of the ideas made rules there, as the Mexican Alfonso Jaime
Martínez Lascano explained in his lecture at the Toledo Prudente University Center
(27/08/2019) about the constitutional level of these rights and its diffuse conventionality
control. Karl Marx, considered one of the most important sociologists of all times, he
had as an objective to criticize how the religion, it's gods and determinations are like a
drug for the people (quoting him, the opium), bringing harm in a concrete way.
However, currently, another social scientist that just passed away, the polish Zygmunt
Bauman, formulated a theory about how liquid the information actually became
between men, and so has become religious influence. The leaders of the multiple types
of churches that exist nowadays can easily decide the path that many people that don't
even believe in a superior being will follow: they can shape their own minds in their
followers and spread it surprisingly more through them from manners that go from
dialogues and speeches to politics and its properties (Brasil inclusive have a legislative
group called “evangelical bench”). And there enter the Law and the Human Rights,
affected by prejudice and harms as racism, homophobia and other archaic thoughts
like misogynist marriage obligations, not so much in the country mentioned but in
African Islamic ones. At Brasil, they act extremely more with propaganda and creating
fear and a specie of social fact (with Durkheim's theory), that should be deconstructed
by the education, justified with B.B. King´s quote that knowledge is the only good no
one can take from another, a sector that is really more valuable abroad and that could
help people to know how to be independent to think and defend their own right and the
Human Rights that belongs to every person without distinction, through the Law or any
other attitude.

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